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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Obama Has Done It Again!

President Obama has done it again.  He has decided that he has the right to make laws, though legally he has no right.  Congress was the one designated to make laws last I checked, but presidents seem to think they can rewrite and edit laws at will. 

Emotional speeches meant to stir people up do not give Obama the authority to change the law. If Congress & the Court do not act to stop this (and it seems they often don't have the gumption to do it), then our rights & the Constitution are not only out the window...they are down the street.  

President Obama thinks he can save a life...well, what he is doing could also do the opposite. Someone who could have saved a life may not have access to a gun.  Christians and others could be labeled unqualified to own a gun in the future by anti-Christian people. All people could be given some kind of label by doctors and social engineering liberal leaders.  

The right to bear arms was so that we in America could take arms against a corrupt government. There are too many restrictions already which would stop this ability.  People would need missiles and nuclear weapon capability these days.  
More illegally created laws don't change sinful hearts. Sinful people will always find a way to sin.  Criminals will always find a way to get weapons to hurt or kill people.  When laws are desired or needed, they should be passed by Congress first... Congress isn't meant to be appealed to as an afterthought.

I believe as Christians, we should submit to authority. 
also believe that the President of the United States should submit to authority.  
Sadly, the current president seems to believe he is above the law and the constitution.  He isn't the first one who has gotten away with ignoring the limits to his authority, and until Congress & SCOTUS stop them, we will continue to have presidents ignore these limits.

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