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Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 Review: American Devastation & Shame

2015 was a year of devastating judgment on America.

The mockery of marriage, punishing people who stand up for Biblical marriage, evil terrorists killing people who never hurt them, hatred toward the police, and learning that Planned "Parenthood" is harvesting body parts of the babies they slaughter.  Then, to top it off, the Congress that votes to defund  Planned "Parenthood" turns around and funds it in the budget in traitorous fashion.
This is the message I just sent to my congressman (minus the names):
Congressman X,

Why did you vote for a budget that funded Planned "Parenthood" after voting to defund them?    It is unconscionable that a Congress that claims to be pro-life would continue to fund an organization who is out to encourage promiscuity, murders for profit, and does everything it can to encourage irresponsible and murderous behavior.  We are left stunned and stymied at this vote, and no longer trusting of the Republicans who claim to be pro-life.

On top of all of this bad news, so-called Christians want to tell us to tone down what we say about the murder of the unborn.  Some do things that would even appear to console or be supportive of the people involved in murder.
We should never physically harm the people, of course.  We should be willing to speak the truth though.
If you really love someone, you speak the truth.  We can't skip over the bad news of judgment to get to the good news.  There is no good news for those who are unrepentant.  They will face the Judgment Seat, and they won't get an "It's okay" message from God.
This world desperately needs to be warned of God's wrath against sin, and then they need to repent and turn from sin and follow Christ.

In history, Christians were killed for their faith.  They were beaten, imprisoned, crucified, burned at the stake, etc.  Some are dying for their faith today, but sadly in America some would rather flatter the sinner to avoid people thinking ill of them.
We can't make the Gospel appealing to sinners by telling them they aren't that bad.  Christians, of all people should understand how desperately wicked we are without the blood of Christ covering our sin and Christ's righteousness being imputed to us.
When will we stand up?  If not now, then when?
Let us not be ashamed.
This is my hope for 2016....that the Gospel be proclaimed faithfully more than ever before.
Only when the Spirit convicts sinners, and they understand how wicked they are, will they see their desperate need for repentance and the Savior.  Many of us lack courage, but may God give His children a faith and courage outside of themselves through His strength.

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