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Saturday, December 19, 2015

"Christians" & Congress Sell Out To Planned "Parenthood"

I just read an Article about a supposed "Christian" minister that volunteers for Planned "Parenthood."  She welcomes girls coming to end the lives of their little boy or girl. 

This woman is neither a Christian or a minister.   She isn't Biblically qualified to be a minister, and her behavior in this matter demonstrates an unregenerate heart.
Abortion isn't healthcare. Murder isn't healthcare.  She is aiding and abetting murder, and murderers need to be confronted with their sin. They need to repent and turn to Christ.  It's a sick world that encourages sin. 

Want to be immoral?  Here's a condom or a pill.

Want to murder your baby? We'll help you do it in a more sterile environment. 
Want to get high? We'll give you marijuana cookies to fry your brain. Want to break the law and stay illegally in the country? We'll give you healthcare and legal status and your children will get to stay and go to our schools. 
Want to continue to be immoral?  We'll give your partner benefits.  We'll even call things marriage to legitmize whatever form of immorality you desire. 
Just yesterday, I read that congress voted for a bill that includes funding for Planned Murderhood.  
The previous vote to defund was good, but turning around and giving them money after all demonstrates the hypocrisy even of the Republican party.  It's hard to fathom, and it's sickening.

This is a country that calls evil good and good evil. This is a country that deserves God's judgment. It needs to repent on its face before the only true Triune God. Christians need to warn people of the wrath to come, and plead for people to repent.  Problem is that many "Christians" are courting the world's evil and need to repent too.  What are you going to do about it?


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