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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Battling Sin & Amish Turning To Faith In Christ

The Battle Against Sin - Proclaim Liberty To the Captives - Phil Johnson gave a Sunday School message that my family listened to online some time back.  It is worth a listen.
I have already played it again, and it is very convicting!

Why God doesn't just zap away our sin - Tim Challies did a blog post not too long ago that complements the message by Phil Johnson (though he probably doesn't know it).

Amish: A Secret Life - I am sharing another video where an Amish couple appears to have become Christians.
I enjoy seeing that slowly these people are getting away from the Pharisaical rules, and beginning to see more Biblically.
Holiness is not a set of man-made rules that are not found in the Bible.
To see my past post (also with a video) about people coming out of the Amish religion to faith in Christ, click HERE.

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