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Monday, February 20, 2017

Incrementalism vs. Abolishing Abortion

Many of us would agree that we want to see abortion stopped in the U.S.

MacArthur on abortion. (I don't have his certainty about babies going to Heaven.) 

Some people are discouraged regarding the idea of being able to end abortion, and they promote incrementalism.
After all, the courts and governors stop bills that would abolish abortion. 

Some people say that incrementalism shouldn't be accepted or doesn't really stop abortion. 
Yes, it is true that some people just use pills instead of the surgical abortion, and some people travel to another area. 
Incrementalism certainly isn't what we should strive for, as it doesn't save all babies (and some bills need to be cautiously read lest you deny the personhood of the preborn child).

Then there are some people who think that Christians should take over the government.
That can be based on their eschatological view.
I believe that these people are confused in their understanding of Scripture.
That kind of thing did happen in history (in England, for example), but it wasn't a perfect utopia either.

Seeking for an end to abortion is not a bad thing, but there are important things to consider.
Making murder illegal (since murder is a sin against God) is a good thing, but it won't change hearts rebellious toward God.
This means that all our striving may be futile unless people are changed by God (not us).

Our primary goal then, as Christians, should be to evangelize the lost. This can happen at abortion clinics and elsewhere.
We can pray for changed hearts, and for God to cause things to change.
He is sovereign even over evil nations.

Christians should not attack other Christian brothers and sisters who may not have the same zeal as others for going to abortion clinics.
The body of Christ has many different parts, and while encouraging evangelism is good...attacking other Christians for not being militant is wrong. 

Why I would stay away from AHA  ◄ Please listen to the audio.
This is a group that many people who want to abolish abortion have turned to, but it has had issues since its inception.
The audio I've linked should be a red flag to those who support them.
Numerous pastors have called Pastor Ramos (of in Texas about AHA.  

We are to love our brothers and sisters, encourage them, and realize that God may be using them in ways that are just as important.
 Just as important???
 Yes.  Let's say the person is a pastor who teaches the Bible.
 God uses pastors to make the truth about God and the Gospel known (by their teaching of the Bible), and people become Christians.
Eternal souls are saved, and people are growing spiritually. 
Yes, some pastors do go out and preach at clinics, but that doesn't make those who don't less spiritual. 
 What if the person is not a pastor, but they have a family that they are responsible for (which keeps them from going out)?
God gives them responsibilities to their family, and maybe they are being used to minister to others in ways that you can't see.
There are some things that we should not separate over.

Maybe a person voted for Trump, and you don't think they are pro-life enough.
Maybe a person didn't vote for Trump, and you don't think they are pro-life enough.
Maybe you don't even like the term "pro-life" (as you feel they don't do enough).
Yet, your motives may actually be the same.  Neither of you are for killing babies. 
In some cases, a person may vote for an incremental bill. 
They may hope to save some lives.
You may decide that person is wicked, because some babies are still being murdered.
Your goals may be the same as that person.  You both may want all lives to be saved.
Remember who you used to be, and be careful of self-righteousness in who you've become.
You may be in great danger of straying from Biblical behavior.
We should not separate ourselves from each other.
We need each other!

Christians, please let us love one another!
Love is from God.

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