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Friday, February 23, 2018

The Pursuit of Outrage

Lately, the things that stir people's emotions up seem to be coming faster and faster leaving little breathing room to calm down.
People get angry at the justice system, at the police, at the NRA & guns, at politicians, and at whatever the latest popular thing to be angry at is.
People seem to run to the next cause stirred on by emotions.
Emotions are not the best judges.
People are often led by people who have not let their tears dry or their anger and bitterness subside.
Large groups of people are led by the media & politicians who use tragedies for their own agendas.

Today people seem to think that laws should be determined by how we feel about things.
If someone wants to be something they are not, why not let them?
Everyone should be able to marry whoever they want to they say.
If people get murdered using a gun as the weapon, then it must be the fault of the gun, bump stocks, the police, the NRA, or lack of mental health care.
If someone is accused of misconduct, why, they must be guilty whether or not there is any solid evidence.

Sadly, outrage is less about absolute truth and often misdirected.
People are looking for targets outside of the where the guilt really lies.
What can we expect from a culture that scorns the God who created them and murders thousands of babies before they can see the light of day?

Consciences are ignored and people are taught that society creates what is moral.
Disrespect towards the governing authorities that God has placed over people and rebellion toward the God who made us each with a conscience and gives authority is rampant.
People would rather deny God exists than face up to the reality before them.
People have rejected all the stops that God gives people as deterrents to murder, and they no longer fear God and do whatever is right in their own eyes. 
Then we wonder why people copycat each other and try to outdo one another in attacking those who appear defenseless.  Life is devalued.
People are given over to corruption, and this is actually a punishment of God.

What is the answer to evil? 
One day all evil will be at an end and justice will be done. 
It will be of an eternal nature, and all of us are guilty of sin against God.
Eternal Hell will be for all of those who do not repent and trust in Christ alone for redemption and the forgiveness of sin.

Believers need to proclaim the Gospel and make disciples and pray.  One day Christ will return and reign on earth and in eternity, but that doesn't mean that He doesn't still work on earth today. 
Look at history and the horrific evils and see that mercy and grace have been seen before. 
God's goodness still shines through and will one day remove all of the darkness of this world.
The wicked may strut about right now, but their recompense will come. 
God's grace and mercy are still available for now.
Enter through the narrow gate.  The Gospel is a command of warning and love.  Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Don't trust in works.  Believe that Jesus who was fully God and fully man, was born to a virgin, lived a perfect life that you couldn't, did miracles, died on a cross to take the punishment you deserve, and then He rose again conquering death for the justification of life to men.  He is seated with the Father and will one day judge the world.  If you don't believe and receive Christ Jesus as Lord, you will go to eternal death cast into Hell.  If you trust in Christ, you will be forgiven and live eternally with Him in Heaven as an heir with Christ.  You will be the child of God.

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