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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Shepherds' Conference 2018 & Hymns of Grace CD

2018 Shepherds' Conference
I'm excited.  It's nearly here!  I've enjoyed watching or listening to the live-stream in recent years.
I know of some pastors that plan to attend, and I'm so pleased for them.
I'm also happy that some will be going to evangelize apart from the conference while in the area.
The conference itself usually is available to watch on the official page, but I'll try to let you know if something changes about that.
The dates are March 7-9th and the first session is scheduled for 10 AM Pacific Time (which is 1 PM Eastern and that would be 6 PM GMT).  Check your time HERE.
Shepherds' Conference Site

The CD is finally coming out!
3,000 male voices singing worship songs!
If you are able to get it, that's terrific!
It is supposed to be available at the Shepherds' Conference first, but after that, it should be available online.
They recently shared this video of one of the songs!

When it is available to everyone, you should be able to find it at the following link:

Hymns of Grace - Live at Shepherds' Conference

For those who were hoping to hear Philip Webb on Iron Sharpens Iron Radio today, I"m sorry I had the date wrong.  Hopefully, it will be uploaded online at some point.

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