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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Shepherds' Conference Wrap-Up

The Shepherds' Conference for 2018 is over, and I was blessed to be able to watch much of it live-streaming.
The final message that John MacArthur gave to the pastors to close it off was a necessary confrontation on those who embrace people with a false gospel (adding any work to the Gospel of grace).
Both the first and last messages were excellent.
The final conference session can be heard online.
The Triumph of The Church

John's first message, like his recent sermons, pointed out how antinomianism, & legalism are both wrong amongst other things.
I put a few things I shared on social media during the first session at the bottom of this post.
There were some other good messages and also a Q & A.

I look forward to hearing some more of the seminar sessions when they have put them online and one other main session I missed hearing any of.
Meanwhile, most of the streamed messages are on the Facebook Page for the Shepherds' Conference.
Also, you can check HERE (where the rest of the 2018 conference media should eventually be available).
UPDATE: It's online now!


Some highlights apart from the messages were the pastors receiving Preacher's Bibles, the excitement of the pastors and their fellowship shared about on social media, the evangelism that was going on apart from the conference itself, and a family member who volunteered, and though not all at the time of the conference... is/was able to say hi to some of my Christian acquaintances that I have only had contact with from a distance.  I also enjoyed quite a bit of the music, although I admit to already being spoiled and watching Grace Community Church live-streamed most Sundays (since it's afternoon and later in the evening here when they have church going on still there).

Again, below are just a few things I shared on social media during the opening session of the conference.
The order isn't necessarily correct for when John talked about the things I shared, and I didn't get all of his words or the exact wording of some things.

Relevant, real, missional, cool, multi-anything, cultural, no eschatology preferred, formational, heroic - the lingo of pastoral ministry today. 
Missing are Biblical, holy, humble, godly, self-denying & sacrificial. 
Hearing JMac.

The legalist defines his relationship by keeping the law & the antinomian by not keeping the law. 
It's part of the same heresy..both will crash & burn. 
They define their relationship by the law instead of being in & loving Christ. 
It's about the Spirt...not the Law. 

Sanctification is living under the command of God and being disciplined by God to obey those commands.  If you disobey that you may be weak, you may be sick, and you may die. ...
Grace reigns over you...Grace corrects.  Grace disciplines. 
Hearing JMac.

I think we have to identify false teachers, and I think we need to identify false doctrine.... 
I don't think there is a willingness to do this in the age of ... compromise.... 
Protecting people is critical.
Hearing JMac. 

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  1. Have been encouraged with this year's conference