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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Social Justice & the Gospel Statement, Podcast, & Messages + Hymn in Español

It's finally out!  The Statement on Social Justice & The Gospel.
I had been waiting what seemed like a long time for this to be released.
I had heard early information about this, and so I was eagerly checking the link.
You can hear the podcast that gives more information as to its background with Andrew Rappaport and Josh Buice HERE.
I found out today from someone else that it was published.

John MacArthur has been preaching on Ezekiel 18 recently which addresses this topic.

Social Justice & The Gospel - Part 1

Social Justice & The Gospel - Part 2

Music for Your Day
We sang a hymn at a local church this past Sunday, and I thought the lyrics were very good.
I came across a singing group called "Esclavos de Cristo" which in English is "Slaves of Christ" that sang & played a Spanish version of it beautifully.


 Two lyric choices in English for the song are HERE and HERE.

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