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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Reforming to Scripture

The Reformation was marked by the desire to return to Scripture as the authority for doctrine and practice in the church.
It was a returning to the Biblical Gospel.
The 5 Solas were based on Scripture & its truth.
The Swiss brethren continued to reform to Scripture by practicing believers baptism.
Also, the more people study Scripture, the more they see the doctrines that Calvin is best known for.

Churches have again veered away from Scripture in many ways since the days of the Reformation.
Some of the ways churches have strayed have been:
Calling people prophets and apostles today (they don't meet Scriptural qualifications for those example is Bethel Church in Redding, CA),
Seeking personal revelation,
False signs and wonders,
Prosperity preaching (health and wealth),
Women disobeying Scripture in leading and teaching and having authority over men in regards to the church,
Acceptance of immorality and/or sinful desires,
Social justice advocating ("social justice" is not actually justice) which distracts from the true Gospel,
All kinds of various heresies about the nature of God,
and also
Legalism (E. g. , Hebrew Roots or Hebrew Israelites), etc.

Because heresies and straying from the truth have continued throughout history, reformation back to the truth and the Gospel of the 66 books of the Scriptures needs to continue.
Galatians is one excellent Biblical example of how people were being bewitched even in the early church and how it needed to be confronted.
 I'm thankful to know of pastors and teachers who still love the truth of Scripture.
Christians need to remember to pray for these men, and for more of them!

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