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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Chosen by God, Mob Mentality, & Perfect Wisdom

A pastor in CA gave a series "Chosen by God" quite a number of years ago at Foothill Bible Church in Upland, and I remember that it was really good over all.
I am sharing it with any of you who would really like to hear what the Bible teaches on the subject in the book of Romans.

Here is the first message.
Chosen by God Part 1 - taught by David Forsyth
There was only one message I think I remember disagreeing with something of.

You can find the whole series by typing the title in the search box HERE.

An Article Worth Reading
Today I read an article which reflects well what I've been thinking about the mob mentality and guilty until proven innocent thinking that seems to be permeating our society and seems to have infiltrated even into the thinking of believers that you would not have expected it to.
Ghana & Kavanaugh by Samuel Sey

Song of the Day
The following is a cover of a song which is in the Hymns of Grace book.

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