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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Proclaiming the Gospel & Assurance - 3 Messages Worth Listening To

I have been listening to some really good messages lately that I would like to pass on to my blog readers who may have missed them.

1. Who did Christ die for?  Will God provide?  How assured of acquittal are believers?
Steve Lawson's Bible Study (from part of Romans 8)

2. The following message may have people thinking about their methods of evangelism and step on toes.
This will challenge people.  Austin was fired up.
Austin Duncan (Truth & Life conference TMU)

3. The day before Austin's message at TMU, John MacArthur gave a message to seminary students at TMS.  There was a connection in what was said.
Preaching the real Gospel and sacrificing freedom for the purpose of it.
John MacArthur at the TMS Chapel

Despite the difficulties happening to me and my family, I am so thankful for the online messages and prayers of friends. 

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