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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Are You A Bad Imitator of God?

I finally finished a painting in anticipation of my surgery scheduled for Friday.
I will likely not be able to use my arm for awhile much, although I was told that using the hands and fingers would be a good thing.  Many people online though make it sound as though that will be a problem, and since I was having a better day than usual I went ahead and finally got the painting done with.
My painting is an imitation of a painting in a book which reminds me in a greater sense how Christians are to be imitators of God as beloved children.  I feel so far from being like Christ, and I sin so much.  I want to see His image reflected in my life as part of His church.   He is the one who sanctifies and cleanses by the washing of water with the Word, so that He might present His church in all its glory having no spot or wrinkle or any such thing. (Ephesians 5).  
Even as a Christian whose sins are forgiven, I continually need to repent of my present sins.  It can be discouraging like looking at my artwork and then looking at the original and how pitiful it looks in comparison.  One day I will be perfected though, because He who promised is faithful even when I feel faithless.  So much grace is needed for a wretch like me.  I want to love Him more and reflect His love to others.  It's a good thing that my salvation isn't dependent on me.
While I may have to take a long break from posting (we shall see), I thought I'd share some links and messages that especially stood out to me recently.

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