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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Tomorrow Will Care For Itself

I had my ulnar nerve transposition surgery on October 31, and I am typing one-handed right now.  My arm is in a splint and I struggle with claustrophobia and pain.  This surgery involves two long cuts in the arm, so that the nerve can be moved.  My other arm's ulnar nerve has a problem too.

I am thankful God helped me not be as stressed the morning of the surgery as I thought I might be.  After the surgery I had nausea and pain.  I did actually throw up once at home.  The pain pills were great for a day or two, but then I itched and my face turned redder than it already is.  I went into the ER on a Sunday to get something new for the pain.  They required giving them the old pills, so my sister offered to bring them.  Well, she ended up tripping on a bedspread and banging her head on a treadmill with her knee getting a little hurt and her foot in a trash bin.  It was not a very good day, but she did get to the ER with the medicine ... and they gave her ice for her head.

The new medicine didn't get used long, as I had two panic attacks in the early morning hours that I figured may have been brought on by the medicine (although I've had panic before in my life).  Family came to my room, and I prayed for God to help me.  Music was used to help calm me. Panic often drives me to focus on my desperate need to trust God more  One song I tried to sing I will share below along with one other I remember from years ago.  The singer (Fernando Ortega) led music at a church service We attended on Saturday nights many years ago in California.  I am taking over the counter pain pills and using ice packs for pain.  Just imagine the pain you feel after having an adult tooth pulled and add having a way too tight wrap with a little swelling along with a heavy weight and a few nerve throbs for good measure.  Yes, and a mummified arm that is bent at an angle that you can't straighten.  And....that's my dominant arm.

Thank you to the Christians who have prayed for me.  I hope for more arm freedom to move this Tuesday, even though physical therapy and recovery will be long and uncertain.  I hate to think about the other arm....
"So do not worry about tomorrow; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.   Matthew 6:34 NASB

This is one of the songs that helped distract me from panic. 

Here is another encouraging and soothing song that has a good reminder for believers.

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