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Monday, February 4, 2019

50 Years of John MacArthur - What Have You Learned?

John MacArthur will have been the pastor at Grace Community Church for 50 years on February 9th, and they will be celebrating it at the church on the 10th.
As many of you know, I went to Grace for awhile many years ago.
I learned a lot of Biblical truth from Pastor John then, and I continue to learn from him even from a distance.
I've learned that we should not compromise on the truth.
I'm so thankful for him.

I asked people to share one thing that they have learned from John MacArthur over the years, and here are their responses:

I learned the doctrines of Grace from his teaching 
- Miyoshi

I have learned the importance of not compromising on the truth of the gospel and of the Word, no matter the opposition from the world or even others who call themselves Christians but want to change what the Bible says.  
- Wendy Chandler

Proclaim the truth, then sleep well. 
- Eric Dodson (Pastor in TX)

His book, “Slave” had a huge impact on my understanding of the term. Especially as a child of God who prior to conversion was a slave of sin. 
- Richard Story

Picking one is so hard! He has impacted me more than any other teacher in my 10 years as a believer. What I appreciate about him is his precision with Doctrine, high view of Scripture, and tender & compassionate shepherd's heart toward believers. You can be correct, firm, & kind. 
- Jennifer Gallaway

Do not compromise in proclaiming the Word of God. Hold the Scripture in highest regard; it’s our ONLY infallible source of truth. 
- Sharon Devol

I'm not sure about what I've learned from him exactly, but one of the things I respect him for greatly is his boldness to speak the truth especially on a national or world platform with Larry King or Shapiro and not back down from difficult questions, but share the Gospel. 
- Rob McIver

I learned to see the gospel not only as message but also method (through Ashamed of the Gospel).
I mean he taught me the gospel was sufficient and the church didn't need man's pragmatic strategies.
- Jeff Wright (Pastor in TN)

I have learned what it looks like to faithfully exposit the Scriptures when it is "un-popular" to the evangelical world at large. 

- Joshua M.

I finished John's newest book and here is a quote a person made from it..Awesome book it needs to be read.  
"The Lord of the church will not fail to recognize sin in His church. Nor will he fail to deal with it." 
(Title: Christ's Call to Reform the Church: Timeless Demands From the Lord to His People
 by John MacArthur.)
-Kim Eriksen 

His commitment to study. We think we’ve really dug deeply in preparation after four or five hours and a couple of commentaries, and he’s done it for 50 years week in week out studying 40-50 hours using a couple of dozen commentaries. 
- Justin Bise

Probably two things I would say: 
1.) His book ashamed of the gospel taught me the importance and power of the gospel over and above gimmicks. 
2.) His resolve to stand for truth has been an encouraged and challenged me to do the same.
-Allen Nelson IV (Pastor in AR)

John is a great example for pastors to plant yourself in a congregation and stay there for as a long as God keeps you there. Longevity among one body is as important as your leadership abilities or speaking skills. Faithful to the scriptures, faithful for one congregation.
-Jayson York (Pastor in IL)

The consistent and unwavering message of God’s grace throughout scripture. This was most apparent to me when John preached through Revelation on Sunday nights in the 1990’s.
- Tami

Thank you to those who shared your comments!

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