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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez & Oklahoma Baptists - Responding to the News

Today I'm sharing my responses to a couple of news stories that have a bit of a connection.

Representative Ocasio-Cortez recently opined that young people could legitimately question bringing children into this world due to fear of climate change, etc.
You can see the news article HERE.

The following are my thoughts I shared with someone in response to that story:

"It's so easy for someone like her who has been falsely brainwashed to say things like this without thinking through the implications of her faulty thinking.
Does she regret that her mother had her?  Does she want nobody to help support her in old age?
Does she want to be held responsible for babies being killed and suffering when they are most vulnerable just because she fears something bad happening later?
God is in control of the climate and there is no need to panic about that.
Rather she needs to know about God's judgment coming & her need for His mercy & redemption."

Here is my response to something else she recently said online, as I do believe our primary concern should be her eternal soul (as much as we might think her public views are way off base).

We should not be surprised at reasoning like hers in a world that has gone from accepting murdering babies in the womb to now starting to become more accepting of murdering babies outside the womb.
That aside from the unnecessary worry about the climate.

What about Christians though?

Recently I saw a story that the Oklahoma Baptist Convention was against a bill that would seek to abolish abortions in that state. 
You can read the story HERE.

That is much more horrifying than the world who does not claim to know the Lord who already hold life cheaply.
People have become so lulled into accepting the murder of some children that they would trade the possibility of standing up for all babies out of fear of incrementalism being removed.
This is shameful that they are afraid to take a real stand for all of the babies when they have an actual chance to do so.

How about you & me?

Are we willing to take a stand or risk supporting all of the little babies' lives when the opportunity comes?
I understand the thinking that people want to save some lives rather than none, but that doesn't excuse believers for not standing for all babies when the opportunity is right there before their eyes.
We should speak truth to the world rather than send a message that maybe it's not so wrong to kill some babies...that maybe we don't really fully believe that all babies matter.

Do we believe that abortion is absolutely wrong or don't we?

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