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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

180 Prescreening is "Eye Opening" & "Jaw Dropping"

Not too long ago at a conference, some people were given a chance to watch 180. Yesterday they released the reactions on Youtube to this exciting new documentary movie. I had been able to watch some of the reactions previously and then a preview of this promotional video last week. I know some of you have had a chance to see this already, but many out there have not. For those who haven't, please visit the 180 Movie site at:

The 180 movie will be officially released on September 26. You will be able to see it online I believe, and then you can also already preorder DVDs for a $1 each (minimum 10 I think it was)from the Living Waters / Way of the Master people. Please pass this on by sharing it with all of your friends!

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