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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

"180" Trailer "Stop it! Stop talking like a Jew!"

It's amazing that there are people out there who deny the Holocaust. It's also upsetting to see people who are so negative towards Jews. I met a lady who was affected by the Holocaust back when she was a teenager. She has since gone to be with the Lord. How soon people forget and deny that innocent people died and were affected in a horrific way. Some of us have some German blood in us, and obviously lots of Germans don't share the views of the guy Ray Comfort interviews in the video below. So please don't take offense about that. I want to share an article link and a newer trailer about the documentary film 180 that comes out officially on September 26th and I have it from a reliable source that it will be available indefinitely online (also can be ordered in DVD form):

To go to the official 180 movie/documentary site click on the following link:

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