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Monday, March 25, 2019

Monday Medley: Reparations Addressed, Advice to Christian Singles, & the Deity of Jesus

It has been some time since I shared something with you. 
Sometimes it's like there are a lot of little fires of stressful situations, and this blog takes a back seat.
Right now my brain is in a fog, but I can at least share a few of the things that I have listened to and learned from recently. 

Addressing Reparations
Some people are calling for reparations based on slavery in America in the past.
The following is a fairly long but worthwhile podcast addressing the issue:
Slavery Reparations • Just Thinking Podcast

Singles, Listen Up!
This week I was listening to a chapel from The Master's University which encouraged young single women to pursue Biblical qualities that will help them fulfill their role in a marriage (should they be so blessed). 
I never chose or desired to stay single myself, but that doesn't mean that I didn't get anything out of this!   God's plans don't always include the things we expect.
The only point I would add is that I also heard this week that we aren't to make disciples of ourselves but of Christ.
Chris Mueller's Biblically - based advice to young women & men.

The Deity of Jesus
Last week I heard Nathan Busenitz pointing out how the New Testament quoted from the Old Testament and applied things that talked about YHWH (the LORD) to Jesus.
It is amazing how God works it out that some things I hear during the week can be useful in online conversations.  This fact was one of them.
This came from another chapel of TMU.
Nathan Busenitz explains how Scripture points to the Deity of Christ.

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