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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Christian Encouragement, Creative Christian Women, & a Personal Update

Christian Encouragement
Is there someone that you can think of to encourage today?
Andrew Rappaport did some 2-minute podcasts  highlighting encouragement.

We All Need Encouragement

Encourage Someone Today

Creative Christians Ladies
There are a lot of creative Christian ladies who make things to sell from home.
The following are just a few of their that you can check out:

Teenzy Treasures

Personal Update: 
A family member has a torn carotid and had a stroke this month on top of all of the other things going on.   There are other things also going on that need to be dealt with.
It seems that we are being overwhelmed, and we need to depend solely on God.
I'm still having high & low pulses amongst other things and not feeling well myself which discourages me.
I know others are suffering out there, and I'm thankful that people are praying for each other.
It is good to try to not always focus just on our own suffering (though it can be hard not to)!

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