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Friday, January 31, 2020

What Does Christian Love Look Like?

John MacArthur gave some convicting messages on love at The Master's University this week.
I highly recommend them for other Christians to watch.

Part 1  
"Pursue Love."
"The loveless person is zero." 
- John MacArthur

Part 2  
"Love doesn't demand to be heard."
"Love doesn't insist on its rights."
"True love is always unselfish."
"Love never becomes exasperated with people. 
Love never loses its temper." 
- John MacArthur

Part 3
Loving the truth means hating error.  
Loving the truth means hating iniquity.... 
We should live a life marked by joy... 
Some Christians become so negative that they 'find the manure pile in every meadow.'
Love is slow to expose anything...and only does so when it is dangerous to the church. 
It should be exposed for love's sake...not resentment.
(This is from what I heard from John MacArthur.)

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