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Monday, February 20, 2012

Excellent Links I Hope You Won't Want to Miss

Once again I'm sharing some links that I think are really excellent.

You Don't Use the Whole Horse (This one is really about Rick Santorum.)  - Douglas Wilson
This blog post points out some important issues to think about when making your decision about who to vote for.

Proposition 8 and the New Standard of No Standard  -  Robin Schumacher
I really thought this did a fantastic job of explaining how people make a judgment on moral issues and what should be the basis of our standards and laws.

Introverted - Tim Challies
Really this describes me pretty well, only I may be even more introverted that Tim.  I do not believe I have the talent that he has for writing and blogging, but that's okay.  I'm just me.  This posting he did is really interesting to listen to or read.  Yes, there is an audio version choice.  Please check it out.

Are Roman Catholics Christian - Matt Slick
This is excellent, and it's something that I think a lot of people need to think about.   I find it difficult to respond to people who are Catholics, and I realize I need to be careful now in how I state things.  I do try to be careful generally, but I can make mistakes about commenting my assumptions when I've seen others do the stating for a fact someone isn't a Christian.  Normally I'm fairly careful, but I did have to backtrack just a little recently by letting it be known that I hoped that the person was (and that the person would leave the church if the person was). I still believe what this article mentions about people who hold to the official teachings.  My mistake was stating something as fact.  Still, everything else I said was true, and I need to just be careful not to say as fact what I just think is true.

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