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Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Guy Who Was in 180 Movie

Have you watched "180" Movie yet?
If you haven't, then please check it out at . It's worth your time!

 For those of you who have seen the documentary already, below is a video where Ray came across one of the guys again that he interviewed on a college campus in California. I can imagine it was exciting for him to see that he was in something that has had such a widespread impact and audience!

I wonder how many lives are being saved, and how many people are being impacted by the even more important message found at the end of the documentary?  One day in Heaven, I believe I will know.  I'm thankful for those who are faithful to proclaim the Truth and encourage and make it easier for those of us who are not as courageous to be able to reach out by handing out DVDs, cards, tracts, etc.

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