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Monday, May 14, 2012

IndoctriNation - Public Schools in America Exposed

Recently some friends of the family shared a DVD with us entitled IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America .  I may have heard the name before, but it was more interesting than you might think.
If you have kids in school or had them or were a kid once yourself, the documentary should be very interesting to you.  If your kids are in public school, or you think that it's okay to send them there...please, I urge you to watch the IndoctriNation DVD!
I will share the trailer further down this post.  I do not endorse Charles Stanley who is shown in it (at least I believe he is not Biblically qualified to be a pastor anyway).  Albert Mohler, Jr. and Voddie Baucham are in it as well as Ken Ham.  The guy narrating came from Scotland, so it's fun to hear his accent when he talks.

I went to public school up through 3rd grade and then did homeschooling and Christian schooling off and on through the rest of my school days.  Even Christian schools had problems with teaching and movies and book choices and non-Christian students.  I feel that I had a pretty solid foundation with my family and teaching from some churches.  It wasn't cool to be homeschooled when I was young.  That happened later.  By the time they were having groups, we felt we were too much older than the others to want to join.  I did go to church groups with people around my age.  We didn't own a TV for many years, so we were a bit different that way as well.  I was a bit alienated, but I admit I was a bit proud of being different I think.  I am thankful I had less of the garbage from TV and a lot of trashy movies put into my mind at a vulnerable age.  It also has helped me to have higher standards than I would have even having more access now.  We read books and listened to the radio.  When computers came, we didn't have the internet until I was an adult.
We did have a school that we were under the umbrella of when I was homeschooled with siblings, so that all was legal.  We did feel we had to not go out to play much until after "normal" school hours.  That wasn't a big problem really. 
We had neighbor friends that we played with and friends at church.  Still, I felt more comfortable being around adults than a lot of kids might.  Nowadays they have lots of homeschool associations and field trips for homeschoolers.  There are a lot more options and choices as well I believe.

The documentary shows the origins of public education in America and where it is at today...especially from a Christian perspective, and it may shock and frighten you a bit.  Really, I believe it is best to have Christian parents have full control of their kids' education.  There is no guarantee that a child will become a Christian, but at least you can shepherd them and tell them the truth.  If they become Christians, you can choose what settings to let them be salt and light in (not in public school) and see what the world is like in small doses.  There is no need to throw them to the wolves for their schooling!  I prayed to receive Christ when I was 5, but my growth was very gradual.  I still had struggles with sin, but looking back I can remember some things that showed me I had some small steps of growth.  When I was 13, I think that I started to grow more spiritually, although I struggled with sin and doubts because of that.  I had daydreams of being a missionary back then.  I had some good teaching at Grace Community Church at that age ... in California.   Life as a Christian is a continual spiritual battle, and kids need encouragement and good Biblical doctrine as well as the Gospel and love and protection. 

Update: You can now watch the entire IndoctriNation documentary FREE!
See more here: IndoctriNation

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