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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Zebras Amongst Brown Horses

There are times when I feel that our family is like a few zebras in a pasture of brown horses.
I've often been in places where I didn't quite fit in.  The more I have grown spiritually the harder it gets.

It is especially difficult in church where a person really wants to feel at home.  I've been in some churches where I was happy...don't get me wrong.  The problem is that when you are looking for a church sometimes you have to "settle" for compromise on some things.  The problem is that unless one rolls over and plays dead and can keep quiet eventually things happen to make it hard to stay.

When a person believes in the Biblical doctrines of grace, you are frowned upon by the people who have not come to a better understanding of Scripture.  They may think you fit in more with reformed people. 
On the other hand, when you try a reformed church you are frowned upon by people who may not accept you for a different view of eschatology or baptism.

Then there is the issue of not believing in women teaching or leading men at church or preaching to groups that include men.  Since for us that includes Sunday School classes and Bible Studies from our understanding of Scripture, it means even I as a woman  may walk out or not go back.

Modesty is also important to me, and this does not mean that we are legalistic.  It means I care enough about the men of the church including family that I believe that the issue should be addressed.  It is a distraction and a struggle for men, and it bugs me that churches are so silent and afraid of the issue.

When you finally find a church that you are happy at circumstances change for one reason or another, and you find yourself having to go back to square one and waiting for God's direction.


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