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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Prop 8 News, Strange Fire Conference, Liberalism in The Church, Josh Wilson's New CD, Peter Furler News

  • The Strange Fire Conference is scheduled to be held at Grace Community Church October 16-18th, 2013:  Speakers include John MacArthur, R.C. Sproul, Conrad Mbewe, Steve Lawson, Phil Johnson, Todd Friel, & Nathan Busenitz    - Learn more:

  • Enemies At The Gate - Phil Johnson did a great seminar message at the 2013 Shepherds' Conference that we listened to on Wednesday.  It's about how liberalization happens in the church.  The first generation can be strong for the truth - ready to die for it.  The next generation may believe in truth, but they aren't ready to die for it.  After that it goes downhill.  I recommend downloading and listening to the message!                       

  • A fun bit of news is that Josh Wilson's new album "Carry Me" is scheduled to release April 9, 2013.  You can hear 3 of the songs on his site.  I've listened to the 2 ones I hadn't heard before, but I will have to listen again to really pay attention to the lyrics!  
  • (Peter Furler is also working on a CD - reported on Twitter in December)


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