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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Vanderbilt University - Roaches & Tracts

I waited for about four months to see a dysautonomia neurologist at Vanderbilt University.
There are not a lot of places that have someone so specialized, and I am not covered outside of Tennessee anyway.
I was finally able to go this past week for testing and a doctor appointment.  The only part of the testing I refused was another tilt table test.  The last one was like a nightmare.  I did a part of the test, but tried to stand on my own and felt faint too quickly.  The other testing went fairly well.

The outcome of my appointments was that although I do have a problem with my autonomic system that the doctor didn't believe that was the primary cause of some of my symptoms.  She recommended some medicine adjustment (trying a lower dose of something I tried before that may help low blood volume), but basically she's sending me back to the local doctors to keep searching for the primary cause of my misery.  I may end up seeing a general neurologist again. 

Something very unusual happened to me at Vanderbilt.  
A doctor (probably an internist) asked questions and did some minor testing while I was waiting to see the main specializing neurologist.
Suddenly a family member in with me exclaimed and jumped up.  Why?  There was a large full-sized ROACH in the exam room!
The doctor asked if it was alright if he did away with it.  Of course it was!  He moved a trash can and managed to kill and dispose of the intruder.
I imagine most doctors would not consider that part of their job description, but we appreciated it.
I was hoping that we wouldn't end up bringing some baby roaches home with us!
It's pretty funny thinking about a doctor calmly moving a trash can and killing a roach like that!

The trip was difficult for me and my family with how I am doing and the stress of the drive during the times when it was snowing.  We stayed at some pretty nice hotels and enjoyed some good food, and yes, Gospel tracts did get left by us here and there during the trip.  One was thrown away for sure, but another seemed likely to be read by the lady who did my testing. 
Another family member also had appointments during our time there and had more of a substantial outcome.

I appreciate the prayers of Christians out there for me and my family. 
I realize we aren't the only family suffering with physical issues.  I have wondered how others could endure some of the horrible things going on with them, and I have now had a taste of what it can be like. 
Even as a Christian, it is no picnic.  I have to fight to trust God no matter if I never get cured until Heaven.  When my head is screeching and my body feels awful like I could pass out any moment or I feel nauseated, sometimes my prayer is limited to "God, help me!"  I do get panicked. 
I need God to help me to trust Him more, because He is trustworthy no matter if He doesn't say yes to my prayers for Him to heal me.  It is possible I have something rare. 
Although I go to doctors to try to discover what is the underlying cause I know that God is ultimately in control of my health.  My fibromyalgia pains, my P.O.T.S. and or NCS, & all of the things going on have a purpose.  I want God to be glorified in and through me, and I want to not waste my trials.
I desire to shine for Christ in whatever way I can no matter how awful my body feels.

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