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Saturday, February 8, 2014

My Dad & Mission Vision Network Radio Spots

For many years my Dad produced spots for the radio that focused on missions and unreached people groups.   You may or may not have heard of the Global Minute, Real World (spots), Christmas Panorama, Easter Panorama, Christmas Mosaic, Easter Mosaic, etc., but that is what he produced.

He actually was the President of the Mission Vision Network. 
In the early days, reel to reel tape was used.  For a long time cassettes were sent to radio stations.
My Dad had to later learn to do production work on computer, and CDs were sent out.
Finally MP3 versions were also available online.
Before my Dad retired, all but the recording was being done at home. The radio spots were played for free on many Christian radio stations and some networks across the country.
I was able to volunteer way back when, although as fibromyalgia symptoms increased it was more difficult.

I thought I'd share some samples. Yes, the Mission Vision Network is no more, and these are Christmas edition spots from 2006.  Yes, I have approval to share these from my Dad.

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