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Friday, February 14, 2014

"Marriage", Marijuana, Mandate, & Mortality %

Judge's Opinion On "Marriage"

Last night, Federal Judge Arenda Allen in the state of Virginia ruled that the ban on homosexual so-called "marriage" is unconstitutional. 
See newspiece here 

The judges making these decisions claim that it is based on the equal protection clause of the Constitution as though behavior and skin color are equivalent.  They are not.   Homosexuality is a behavior rather than something that came from God...just like fornication/adultery is a behavior. 

Racism is a terrible thing, but homosexuality is not a natural thing like race.  People are not born having intimate relations, and marriage is defined by God not man.  It is a reflection of Christ's relationship with the church.  Every adult in the U.S. had the right to marry someone of the opposite sex.  So, homosexuals had the same rights as everybody else, but they wanted special rights. Homosexuals have chosen to rebel against God's character just as those who worship idols, those who steal, those who commit adultery, etc..   There is a problem when people try to get others to accept and sanction behavior that God calls sin.
See Albert Mohler's article on Kentucky's U.S. District Judge's decision which included recognition of other states so-called "marriages".
Albert Mohler Article


The subject of marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes has become a popular yet controversial issue in the U.S.  Not long ago the Gospel Coalition had a much discussed article about whether the use of recreational marijuana is a sin.
Is Recreational Marijuana Use A Sin?

A couple of days ago, a New York Times article had this to say even about the idea of the use of marijuana for medical purposes:

"The truth is we lack evidence not only for the efficacy of marijuana, but also for its safety."
We Need Proof On Marijuana --NY Times

Obama Mandate

President Obama has now made another executive order decision which would include mandating some businesses swear that lay-off decisions were not made based on Obamacare.  President Obama seems to believe that he is above the law, and the Congress seems to be too weak, fearful, or not motivated enough to assert their Constitutional power to stop his unchecked power-grabbing.

See Fox News Article

Here's a list of some of the over-stepping executive decisions Obama has made.
7 Times Obama Ignored the Law to Impose His Executive Will - Heritage Blog

The ACLJ has put out a petition for those who want to voice their opinion to Obama:
Say No to Unconstitutional Orders


This past week, Shirley Temple Black and Ralph Waite with an e both died at the age of 85.  There were some positive and negative elements in the things they acted in.  I have watched most of  Shirley Temple's old movies and saw some of the Waltons episodes.  There were some elements that I didn't approve of but Shirley was cute and Ralph Waite was good at playing the part of the father on the Waltons. 
The percentage of physical death in this world has held pretty steady throughout history. 
No matter if someone dies at a young age or lives their full life expectancy here on earth, each one will face either God's wrath or mercy, love and forgiveness.  It won't matter how famous or idolized a person is or how giving and selfless they may appear, it will only matter your standing before God. 

Do you know where you will go when you die? 
If you have any doubts, please view the following link:

Bad News And Good News

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