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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Is Obama a Pawn In The Hands of Jihadists? - The History of Islam

Sometimes topics for a blog post seem to fall right in my lap.  This is one of those times.
It is about Islam and Jihad - its history and behavior.

If you are a Muslim, please follow this LINK.

Most people have heard the news about how Iraq is in turmoil with militant jihadists storming the country.
Critics here and abroad: Obama lacks will to fight terrorism - See more at:

You may also have heard the news about Meriam Ibrahim and her imprisonment and release, re-arrest with her family, and the reported re-release:
Sudanese Christian Woman Freed Again

Also, you are likely familiar with American Pastor Saeed Abedini imprisoned in Iran:
American pastor imprisoned without notice of charges while visiting family in Iran

That is just a small sampling of what happens to people who profess faith in Christ in an Islamic country.

People like President Obama proclaim Islam as a religion of tolerance or peace.
What is Islam historically and is it really peaceful?
The following video will give you a better understanding of the real methodology of Islam, and at the end you will hear that not all American Muslims have fully understood Islam.

It really is telling that President Barack Obama called the Qur'an "holy."

So, how do Muslim beliefs differ from Christianity?
CARM Comparison Chart

For those who may charge that what God did in the OT was merciless and no better than the Muslims, please check out the following:
Is the God of the Old Testament a Merciless Monster?


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