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Monday, July 14, 2014

Seventh Day Adventism Cult & Courage In Evangelism

Recently I had to make a decision about whether it was right to pray with a Seventh Day Adventist doctor or not.  Many Christians have likely not studied up much on what Adventists believe & how they began.
After questioning & research, I concluded that much of Seventh Day Adventism is a cult.

False Teacher Ellen G. White - Tim Challies
What Does Seventh Day Adventism Teach? - CARM
Is Hell Really Endless? - GTY
A Biblical Understanding of Hell - CARM

False teachers are abundant.  Tim Challies did a recent blog series you might want to check out on that subject:
Lessons I've Learned From False Teachers - Challies

Suffice it to say, that I decided not to pray with the Adventist doctor & gave him a Gospel tract and papers on just a couple of the issues where their views are decidedly not Biblical.  I let him know I didn't think we shared the same beliefs and that he could look at what I gave him and compare.

I was so nervous, but I didn't even have to say much. 
If you also struggle with giving the Gospel or even handing someone a tract,  I found the following blog post very helpful & encouraging:

Evangelism At Ease

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