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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

NEW Christmas Music & Movies Addressing Christmas & Homosexuality

Kirk Cameron has a new film entitled Saving Christmas which is coming out for a limited engagement in theaters on November 14th this year.   I have only seen the trailer, so I cannot give too much of an opinion on it yet.   What is an added bonus is that I am familiar with one of the actor's work with Crown Rights Media  (which has produced films on apologetics, abortion, Islam, etc.).

Peter Furler has a new Christmas album coming out this year to be released October 7th.
You can hear samples:

Sovereign Grace Music has a new Christmas album Prepare Him Room coming out September 29, 2014 as well:

Remember "180" Movie & how it took off & influenced many people on the subject of abortion?
Well, Ray Comfort of Living Waters is involved in a new movie project that has professional actors & a storyline which will address the subject of homosexuality in a Biblical way with love & the Gospel.
The movie is called Audacity.  Find out more information Here.

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