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Monday, July 27, 2015

MacArthur on Supreme Court Rulings & The Lies of Planned "Parenthood"

Did you miss John MacArthur's strong message regarding the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling?

Here are some of the things I typed out as the message was being live-streamed.

"Satan just wants to completely obliterate marriage."

"If you've got boys, make sure they grow up to be men. If you've got girls, make sure they grow to be women."

"We will preach the Gospel with loving hearts to a nation of sinners, but at the same time we will proclaim judgment."

If you missed the message, check it out!

We Will Not Bow

Planned "Parenthood" and all abortion doctors know they are involved in the murder of babies, but they have become calloused.
Abortionists either dispose of baby body parts by throwing away / incinerating them or by getting money to "donate" the babies' organs.
They try to distract from their own guilt by attacking the whistleblowers.
Some people try to deny the humanity of babies before a certain stage of life, but the more people learn the more they have to lie to themselves to believe that.
Through the years Planned "Parenthood" alone has been involved in as many deaths as Hitler was.  In the U.S. more than 58 million babies have been killed and worldwide at least 1.7 billion since 1973.  That doesn't even include abortion inducing drug deaths.

We remember a man who killed 6 million people & called it social improvement. - Harry Morgan as Frank Gannon

Planned "Parenthood" and other abortion advocates and practitioners operate on the same notion. 
Mothers and fathers who have their babies killed are guilty of murder and need to repent and turn to Christ.  Murder is a serious sin, and anyone who claims to be a Christian and participates needs to question their being a Christian.

A 14-week-old unborn baby appears to clap its hands together while the parents sing!
Posted by Fox & Friends on Monday, March 30, 2015

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