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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Autographs & The Extraordinary Ordinary

I came across my autograph book today. I have a number of other autographs not in it, but sadly some have gotten yellowed and damaged due to not using the best things to protect them (in some cases not protected at all).

I realize the people are just human beings with different abilities.  They should not be idolized. 

I haven't always collected autographs, so it's not complete with all the people or events I'd like to remember. I have autographs from singers, politicians, a baseball player, and even Pastor Donald McDougall.   

Yes, you may not know him, but he was a Greek professor at the Master's Seminary in the well as my pastor.  

Pastors are often not recognized for their importance and place in our spiritual lives.   

I learned a lot from Pastor McDougall, and one thing I saw that is still a shining example to me in my memory was how he responded to trials.  
It is one thing to teach how to respond to trials from the Bible, and it's another to live it.

I was just daydreaming up finding special letters from friends to put in a scrapbook. 

If you've sent me one, it might end up in it!

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