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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Which President Should Fill The U.S. Supreme Court Vacancy?

While selecting for the court is a president's job, President Obama should not even still be the president - given his overreaching grab for power with illegal executive orders.
President Obama has shown himself disrespectful of our laws by legislating from a Branch of government that is not Constitutionally granted that power.

While I do feel that any justice picked by President Barrack Obama would be terrible, I also realize  that if the shoe were on the the other foot pro-life Republicans would fight to get a decent judge in no matter how little time in office was left.

Sadly, there is no guarantee that the next president will pick a good justice.
Hillary Clinton & Bernie Sanders are clearly not pro-life and are socialists.  Donald Trump has no proven track record after claiming to have become pro-life, and it is reported that he has claimed his anti-life sister would make a good justice.
He has proven himself to not be honest during this election cycle from my own observation.
There is no guarantee that the U.S. will get a president that will pick a justice that will rule in favor of life and Biblical marriage.  As it is, there were not enough U.S. Supreme Court justices to stand for life, true marriage, and against Obamacare.

Why is this?  Most of the people in the United States are not Christians.
Many who  even professed faith in the past no longer see as much of a social advantage of such a profession, and so they now no longer make a pretense.
Others are swayed by emotional appeals and popular acceptance.
Those who still profess to be "Christians" are often willing to treat the Bible as vague about certain moral behaviors, and some "Bible translations" have outright changed gender specific pronouns, etc.
They are willing to read things into or omit things from the Bible to fit their personal comfort level, as they don't worship the true God.  They worship a made up god that makes things comfortable for them by accepting everybody.

They do not consider that they are keeping themselves and others comfortable in sins that lead to eternal Hell, so they ignore the warning of Scriptures and listen to lies about It.

These people do not realize that real love is not blind to sin.
Love urges people to repent and trust in God to save from sin. They do not seem to realized that faith that does not obey isn't true faith.  True Christians learn that a living faith will be shown to be real by a transformed life and not by continuing in sin.
People need the true Gospel, and morality without the Gospel will easily be shed like an old coat.

Still, the truth is, that many in America are no longer making even a pretense to standing up for morality, because the basis of their morality is not faith in Christ.
It is no longer as cool to be a Christian for many, and those who still think it's cool want to distance themselves from being "judgmental."

These kinds of people are willing to ignore the clear meaning of Scripture and try to cover it over with a blurriness.  "It couldn't possibly mean what It says, could It?  We must find another meaning."
It's no wonder they are not concerned with judges who are willing to consider the Constitution and Bill of Rights as living and breathing documents that can change meaning to fit the culture.

Many people who consider themselves conservative start becoming pragmatic about the election before a presidential candidate is even voted upon or chosen at all.
This causes some candidates to drop out of the race sooner than they should have to, and it leaves little choice for those voting after the first caucuses or primaries.
People are swayed greatly by the media and their polls, and the media shuts out candidates before they even have a chance to gain traction.
"Who can win?"  People listen to the answer to this question from the mainstream media or favorite talk show hosts, and so they follow like dumb sheep.

Two issues are especially important to me in choosing a candidate to vote for right now.

1. Is the person truly pro-life?  To what extent are they pro-life?

2. What is the person's view on marriage, and do they accept the bad decision of the court as fully "settled law" or not?

There are other issues that are important, but right now those are tops.
The slaughter of babies must be addressed.

So, clearly, not knowing who will be president next, I don't know that a future president would pick a judge that will understand that Biblical marriage, life, and freedom for Christians are not and were never meant to be thrown out by the writers of the Constitution.
If people don't believe the Bible and accept it as "settled" truth, then how can we expect them to make good decisions in electing presidents who will decide on the next SCOTUS justices?

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