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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

An Inescapable Court Date

Men have scorned, mocked, & blasphemed Christ, but they will stand before Christ. Their court date is inescapable.  
(Borrowed from Steven Lawson)

Ah, but you might say that you don't believe in God's existence.
God says we know that He exists in Romans 1:20, but people exchange the truth they do know about God for a lie. ..
If you can for a moment set your further arguments aside, please read on.
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Everybody chooses and loves sin willingly.
After Adam & Eve sinned disobeying God, it became in the fallen nature of mankind to be sinful.

When people put other things in the place of God in their lives, it is idolatry.

It is a judgment that God gives people who deny Him over to their sins when they have denied Him, and have chosen to worship something or someone else. (Romans 1:26-32)
Their hearts are darkened (Romans 1:21)

All sin is deserving of eternal judgment, because it is against a perfect God & is against His perfect character.
Human judges are sinful like we are, but God is absolutely pure without any sin at all.
Justice has to be satisfied when you stand before the perfect Judge that you have sinned against.
We deserve an eternity suffering in Hell.  We deserve eternal death.

One sin against an infinitely holy God renders the death sentence for all eternity. - Dr Steven Lawson

The wonder of it is that God does choose to have mercy on some undeserving sinners who could never be good enough to get to Heaven.
Good works won't save us (Galatians 2:16).

God sent His perfect Son Jesus (fully God and fully man) to die a horrific death to take the place of sinners who are undeserving

Jesus died for His enemies, so that those who repent and trust in His death for their sin & believe that Jesus rose from the dead will have eternal life.

People are so completely dead and cold in their sins that there is no way that they can or will choose to believe in Jesus unless the Spirit is working bringing them to life, and that faith and desire are bestowed on them by an all powerful God.  So, faith is is a gift of God given by His gracious mercy. We cannot choose Him unless He has chosen us to be adopted as His children.
His beloved children!

That is amazing, and if you are one of His sheep, you too will be forgiven and have a right standing before God.
Jesus will either be your Judge to send you to the Hell you deserve or your Savior to rescue you and forgive and cleanse you and to declare you righteous due to the substitute death of Jesus in your place (if you are His).
Those who are His also have a place in Heaven with the Lord where they will have joy and delight.
The court date is inescapable.

God's sheep will hear His voice, and He will not lose any who are truly His that He has chosen.
Those who repent from sin and trust in Christ are His sheep, chosen before the world began.
Are you one of His sheep?

"He who believes in the Son has eternal life; but he who does not obey the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him."
John 3:36 NASB 

(Quotes from Steven Lawson do not imply he has read or endorsed my post.  Other sites linked may have tracking cookies.)

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