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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Cultural Change (MacArthur Interview) & Persecution

Convictions &Cultural Change:
Ligonier Ministries had John MacArthur of Grace Community Church on answering poignant questions about today's issues. MacArthur talked about his response to the "prophet" who interrupted a Sunday service, his relationship with R.C. Sproul, abortion, homosexuality, gender, etc.
Dr. Stephen Nichols also gave responses on the issues.


 Last night I was watching a live concert that came across my feed, keeping it on especially because John Schlitt was one of the singers.
Yes, I used to listen to Petra, and I even went to a concert of theirs way back when I was a teenager. Anyway, a song that stood out to me had to do with persecution of Christians and the attacks by ISIS. It included a line given by Pastor Saeed who is still imprisoned in Iran (and many of us still need to be reminded to pray for him).


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