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Friday, August 21, 2015

More Than Just a Protest of Planned "Parenthood"

Last week I watched the teaching sessions of the Biblical Church Evangelism Conference online.
One of the speakers - Pastor Chuck O'Neal - was really fired up on the subject of abortion.
He and the others at the conference went out to abortion clinics and other areas to evangelize.
While protesting what Planned "Parenthood" and other abortion clinics do is good (as many are doing this weekend), things like this are often treated like a one-off event for the church (like Sanctity of Life Sunday).

In the past, there was someone I met on social media who really wanted to get involved with Christians at abortion clinics, but the church that person went to didn't want to actually go out and do that.
It seems the Catholics were more involved than the Christians.  That is a sad commentary on the church.
People have been either unwilling or not motivated enough to go out with the true Gospel in many cases.

Some may complain that people who do go out are too harsh.  Can people really be all that harsh on murder?  If they can do it better, then why aren't they out there doing it?  Love speaks the truth.

The videos that have exposed the selling of baby parts have opened up some people's eyes I think ... seeing  the parts of the real human babies who were slaughtered...and even a whole boy not yet cut up.  Putting a price on baby parts and the criminality of that is actually a secondary crime to the massacre of human beings being done worldwide everyday by abortion.

Cutting a live child in the womb is not better than doing it outside the womb.
Even at the very earliest stages human life is just that - human.
 As soon as the egg and sperm meet, there is the beginning of a little boy or girl God is creating to be an image bearer of His.

I looked in my own phone book, and did not see any place listed that performs abortions.
I'm thankful for that.
Due to pain and worse dizziness, I cannot count on being up to being involved physically.
I can pray for and be supportive of those who can.
When I was young and able-bodied I did go on about four Walk for Life events (supporting Pregnancy Counseling Centers...though I've learned that some may actually give abortion as an option....NOT good) and two or more Sanctity of Life Sunday events standing out on the sidewalk.
I think many people maybe feel stymied about getting involved, if their church is not proactive. Sharing the "180" Movie  and giving are also good things to do.  If you are able-bodied enough to get out there, think and pray about it, and ask your church about it as well.

Please watch Pastor Chuck, and be convicted.

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