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Monday, August 31, 2015

Protecting The Pulpit & A Story About Captives

I recently rented the movie Alone, Yet Not Alone.
It was about  Lutheran settlers (Germans) in Pennsylvania in colonial times, and the relationships of the British, the French, natives, and the settlers.

 At first I thought it was not impressive with the acting, but as it went along the story captivated my attention and left me tense not knowing how it would end.

People were killed, and children and a woman were taken hostage.
Some later made a final attempt to escape.
Well, if you are interested to know what happened, you can choose whether to watch it or not.

(We weren't sure if one word was used wrongfully, but the two sites we use said there wasn't any language problem.  I'd have to watch again to be certain.)

 Joni Eareckson Tada sang the title track at the end of the movie.


Grace To You had a very good post recently about guarding the pulpit. 

 I've been troubled by connections of some of the pastors I have admired and benefited from the teaching of who have allowed themselves to be aligned with those who have compromised truth and strayed into or plunged into error.

 I don't want to write everybody off, because I have made some mistakes along with family members in sharing things by people who turned out to not be good or to be falling into error (or falling more into it later).

 Tolerance of false teachers and teaching by pastors and church leaders can cause much grief and trouble - though we must be careful not to write off everybody who teaches truth themselves and wrongfully makes these associations.  Sometimes it is in ignorance.

Guarding The Pulpit

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