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Monday, August 10, 2015

2016 Election Information & Businesses You Might Want To Avoid

The 2016 election right now has many candidates to choose from, and instead of frantically searching the internet in your attempt to learn their basic positions on social and moral issues, I'll give you a website that I have found pretty helpful in the past.  Just click on the photos to learn about each candidate.
Please be aware that not all of the banner ads are good, & I'm not responsible for their site.
On The Issues
Also, the following site has grade ratings on the issue of marriage:
GOP Candidates Graded On Marriage Views

The recent Supreme Court ruling on homosexuality and the exposure of abortion and Planned "Parenthood" on graphic videos is a wake-up call to the church to be both active and vigilant and not compromise on these issues. 
Culture does not determine morality and Bible interpretation as secularists and liberal churches would like us to believe.
God's view of marriage and life hasn't changed, and our generation is not the first to become so corrupted.
You may be interested to know what the views and giving  practices of some of the businesses you may use are on these issues:
(I had to sign up to view the scorecard.)

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