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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Help Louisiana

Most of you probably know about the major flooding that happened recently in Louisiana, but perhaps not everyone knows how to help.
There are a couple of churches in that area that are helping out that you can donate through:

1.Community Bible Church,
   8354 Jefferson Hwy. Baton Rouge, La. 70809
   Memo: Flood Relief Fund

2. New Covenant Church
   Blog Updates Here:

So much has been going on with our family that I am probably a little late with this, but they still will need assistance down there.
The church my family has been visiting is planning to send some things down there too.
People often give initially when disasters happen, but then as time goes by assistance fizzles out.
Please pray for Louisiana.  Many people are affected.   I read about a pastor's family that was evacuated during the flooding (but the pastor stayed to help), as well as I read about many in a church that were both affected and helping out.  It's wonderful to see God's people caring for others in spite of their own problems.
Also, Christians, please pray for the Gospel to shine forth!

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