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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Muslim Dreams & The Closed Canon

I recently had discussions online about dreams that people claim led them to seek Christ, and about whether the canon of Scripture is closed.

Muslim dreams - If someone claims they were led to seek Christ by dreams, should we be concerned?
Is it nitpicking to question it?

An Evaluation of Muslim Dreams...

My additional thoughts:
When people claim to see Biblical characters (even though not Jesus) in their dreams, we should not give it weight.
What leads to Christ is the Spirit at work, and faith comes when people actually hear or read the truth of the Bible.
Believe me, if I followed my dreams, I'd be in deep trouble, so I don't put stock in them.
Dreams may reflect your anxieties, lusts, or even positive desires in your subconscious, but I am very concerned about people giving any weight to dreams & visions in their testimonies when the canon of Scripture is closed.

The canon of Scripture closed:

Part 1  Prophecy And The Closed Canon

Part 2  Prophecy And The Closed Canon

Part 3  Prophecy And The Closed Canon
"Attempts to add to the Bible, and claims of further revelation from God have always been characteristic of heretics and cultists, not the true people of God."

This is something Christians should also consider:

Why do we recognize only 66 books of Scripture?

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