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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Protest Or Proclamation?

Recently the media has been playing on people's prejudices and feelings, and people are all too willing to be led.
It is like a cancer attacking all parts of a body.  It stirs up emotions and bitterness that hardens people.
People are quick to rush to judgment in situations where not all of the facts are known.
People let their feelings rule them.

Disrespect of authority is spreading like a wildfire, and it's destroying relationships.
Feelings can't be trusted, and many perceived injustices are really not injustices.
Even when there is a real injustice (which happens in this world), we need to fight bitterness and sinful anger.
As a Christian, the Bible tells me to love my enemies....even to pray for them.
We can't always right every wrong, and we need to be careful not to sin in return...even if we think our anger may be righteous.

Romans 13 tells Christians to submit to governing authorities.  There are right ways to appeal when we think something is wrong and wrong ways to react.  There are legal ways and illegal ways.
Sadly in this day and age people often are wrong about what is actually an injustice.
Morality has been turned on its head when God's Word is rejected as our authority.
Demanding our rights is not the foremost purpose of Christians, and we have more joy and blessings in the next life that will make whatever wrongs we face in this life seem small.

Injustices do occur in this world, but what should the goal of Christians be?

"The object of life is no longer to fix past injustices. The object of life now is to proclaim Christ to whomever..." 
John MacArthur

 "When the Gospel changes your life, you go from social issues to spiritual issues."
John MacArthur speaking about Christians on the subject of racism and the Gospel.


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