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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Was Teresa Really A Saint?

The Roman Catholic Church is declaring "Mother" Teresa a "saint."
So, the Gospel Coalition decided to tell us what they think we should know about her in such a way as we are mostly left to our own discernment to figure out what's wrong ( in this article).
To their credit they admit her views are "irreconcilable with the gospel."

Those already discerning will quickly see what is wrong with Teresa's views shared in their article, but it would have been much better to go over each section of it - pointing out what is wrong for the many who are not discerning.

Even where the writer pointed out how Christians feel (in the TGC article),  I almost felt he was talking about someone else.
I notice he did link to Tim Challies' post about Teresa.
True Christians actually wouldn't have wanted Teresa to be evangelistic, because we want people to become true Christians.
God saves people through hearing the Word of Christ.

I believe we are in a time much like in J. C. Ryle's ...  people are majorly trying to blur the line between Christianity and Roman Catholicism.
We are now in a time where many people (like Rick Warren for example) are calling Catholics "Christians," and praising the seemingly "good" works Catholics have done.
People like Beth Moore want to include Catholics as another group of Christians.
Russell Moore was willing to meet with the pope for a discussion on marriage.

There are so many compromising or completely caving into a false unity, and Rome would love to lull people into thinking that there really is very little difference of importance.
They want us to think the Reformation was a mistake, and they want people to come back into the fold.

When people are persecuted in other countries, they often are called "Christians" when they are Catholic.
We must not blur the lines of distinction, and we really need to learn why this is wrong!
Roman Catholicism has not only erred, they have a false "gospel" that doesn't save.
Whatever came of people who considered the pope as an anti-Christ?

This was my reply on social media to TGC's post:

Teresa had the wrong Gospel, and people who have the wrong Gospel are not saints. 
Only true Christians are saints...all true Christians are...and we didn't earn it in any way. 
I have gotten tired of Christians praising Teresa over the years. 
All our righteousness is as filthy rags. 
People need to study about the Reformation and why it was needed. 
In the 1800s people began to go back to ritualism and J.C. Ryle decried it. 
We should spend more time on studying the truth and evangelizing the living rather than remembering the idols of the unbelieving world. Let's remember true saints instead....or read Hebrews 11!

I did some blog posts in the past on why Christianity and Roman Catholicism are not the same thing (some links may be outdated):

Here is a great link (not by me) to share with those who are Roman Catholics:

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