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Monday, September 7, 2015

Why Christianity And Roman Catholicism Are Not The Same Thing Part 3


Jesus actually did not place Mary in a higher place than any other person who believed.
God did show her favor, but it was not due to sinlessness.
Everyone is born dead in their trespasses and sins.  Even Mary was not sinless. (Romans 5:12; Ecclesiastes 7:20; Psalm 51:5; 1 John 1:8; Romans 3:23)
Nobody can be good enough to get to Heaven.  Not even Mary. Luke 1:46-48 has her rejoicing in God her Savior.  She needed a Savior...and she calls herself a bondslave...just like Paul called himself one.

In Luke 11:27-28 when a woman was saying blessed be the womb that bore you, etc. Jesus actually contradicted the lady.  In Luke 8:21 He did not place Mary above anyone else who heard His words and obeyed them (in Matthew 12:48 as well).  Stephen was also "full of grace" (Acts 6:8), so Mary is not above other believers on that account either.
Also, the Bible claims that there is one mediator between God and man in 1 Timothy 2:5. That mediator is Jesus.
Jesus taught his disciples to pray... not to his mother or dead saints.
People have to go with what the Bible teaches. When sacred tradition and the Pope contradict what God has said in His Word, then what?  Whose words are infallible?

Roman Catholics say they don't worship Mary, but do they?

Lying, stealing, covetousness, hate, gossip, lust are all sins deserving of eternal judgment in Hell.  A dead corpse cannot do a thing to help save itself from God's just wrath (Eph. 2 & Col 2).   Even Mary needed a Savior.

Who and what are you trusting in for salvation?  It can't be Mary. She needed the Gospel too.
What then is the Gospel?

The Gospel

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