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Friday, September 25, 2015

Hypergrace, Capitulation To Rome, & Dangerous Music Associations


It came to my attention awhile back that Elyse Fitzpatrick has changed in the last few years.  It is something worth considering, and we must always strive to discern between the right and almost right in our thinking.  Shortly after the following post came the sad announcement from Tullian.  Nobody is immune to temptation.

Regeneration & Hypergrace  by Jeremiah Johnson and Wayne de Villiers on GTY

Avoiding Teachers Who Capitulate to Rome

A couple years ago Rick Warren endorsed a book called Catholics, Come Home.
We as Christians need to avoid Rick Warren, and all who try to blur distinctions, because Roman Catholicism is not another denomination of Christianity.  I have now seen that Rick Warren & T.D. Jakes went to see the Roman Catholic pope during the U.S. visit.
Rick is not the only one who has blurred distinctions.  Many people either are uneducated about church history, or they intentionally compromise truth wanting people to love them instead of Christ.
Here is a good link to share with Roman Catholics (as well as my past blog series).

Truth For Catholics

Guilt By Musical Associations

Recently Hillsong has been open in its capitulation on Biblical morality by allowing fellowship with people who continue in their sin without regard for church discipline.
Many people use Hillsong music in church.  I've even shared songs (though usually if not always with disassociation).  We need to think very carefully about using their music, especially as it may draw people to the people who wrote them.  That is why I tend to try to distance myself many times when I do share music.

Hillsong and The Issue of Association

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