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Monday, September 21, 2015

Social Action, Gospel Proclamation, & What Do They Believe?

Social Action Is Not The Gospel 

Too many people think social action is equivalent to Gospel proclamation.  It isn't.
Unbelievers can do social action.
Some ministries do connect with churches, yes, but are they making sure the Gospel is proclaimed?
Is the church even a Biblical church?  Are they hearing a Biblical Gospel?
I wasn't able to watch this conference, but this nails things right on the head.

The Mission of the Church - Ekklesia 2015 from Ekklesia Conference on Vimeo.

Gospel Proclamation in the Midst of Hostility

Mike Riccardi had to pinch hit for John MacArthur the other week in the evening, and in my opinion he hit a homerun.
Grace Community Church has some under-shepherds that are excellent teachers and preachers.

What Do They Believe

An online friend of mine,  named Andrew Rappaport of Striving for Eternity Ministries, wrote a book that quickly was sold out, but more are coming.  
The book (What Do They Believe) explains what other religions teach according to their actual sources.
Now, I don't believe it's mandatory to know what others believe, and before people read about what others believe they need to study the Bible well.  There is nothing better for recognizing the false when you know the truth well.  For mature Christians though, I believe it can be very helpful to know enough about what others believe in order to be able to know the points where someone is wrong by comparing it with the Scripture.  There are oftentimes straw men Christians can mistakenly bring up when trying to point out what is wrong about world religions.  I have ordered a copy, as I have heard Andrew online enough to know he is trustworthy and knowledgeable (though we don't always agree on every issue).  He has spent many years on this book!  

In addition to the websites linked, you can also find the book Here.

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