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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

30 Influential Evangelicals In My Life

Who have been some of the top influential evangelicals in my life?

1 & 2.  My parents - I heard the Gospel and gained an interest in missions and learned that God provides needs especially from them as well as my siblings. 

3.  John MacArthur - I learned sound doctrine & gained more of a desire to hear it from him.

4.  Dewey Bertollini - I learned some good principles for life from him.

5-9.  Other Sunday School & church youth leaders.

10.  Scott Ardavanis  -  Back to basics.

11.  Donald McDougall - He set an example in his response to attacks & demonstrated joy in the midst of trials (and taught us well too).

12.  Ray Comfort - He gave me an excitement for evangelism.

13-17.  Other evangelists/street preachers.  - They encourage me to keep distributing tracts, pray for outreaches and are a reminder of one of the big reasons why we are still here.

18.  Sye Ten Bruggencate - Biblical Apologetics.

19.  Nathan Busenitz - He gave me more of an appreciation for church history.

20.  Steve Lawson -  He has given me a continuation of seeing how people in history can be an influence on us, as well as including Gospel proclamation.

21.  Don Green - Not only does he deliver convicting Biblical messages, but he exudes compassionate pastoral care even without having personally met him.

22.   David Forsyth - He gave a pretty good series on being chosen by God years ago that was helpful (sadly I think they took it from the archives from online).  I appreciated being able to sit under his teaching for awhile before moving from CA.

23-27.  Christian Musicians - Yes, they can be an influence, even though over the years I have found I can't wholeheartedly recommend the majority.  There actually have been some songs that had spiritual messages over the years - beyond the overly repetitive and treating Jesus like a romantic figure.  I did learn some from them.

28.  Nate Pickowicz -  It is an encouragement to see how a small church planting pastor can have a passion for Biblical truth, discipleship, etc., and his enthusiasm rubs off - including through his books.   My hope is that there will be more pastors like him even in my small town.

29.  Mike Riccardi - He appears to have a desire to evangelize, teach well, write well, and serve the church well including teaching seminary.  I only hope he doesn't burn out!  

30.  Doris "Granny" Weaver - She went on to Heaven, but she was an example of love for others in a small church that I went to many years ago now.  She encouraged me, and she encouraged many others in the church.  She showed genuine care for many of us, and we would all do well to be more like her.

There are some people who have influenced my life that I am not going to list.
And for my friends reading this, some of you have had a positive influence in my life as well.
Be encouraged.
It isn't just the pastors and the well-known people that influence people.
The servants, the persevering persecuted and suffering, the caring, the truth warriors, the patient, and others who are examples, all can be a godly influence. 
We may not see the impact until we reach Heaven.

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