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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Parents Abuse 13: Should Homeschooling Families All Be Suspect?

Most of us have heard something about the Turpin family.  The couple who had 13 children that were malnourished and reportedly abused. 
Some guy wrongfully proposes checking up on all homeschoolers after this, but that is absolutely ridiculous. 
I sincerely think that people who suggest that kind action are actually anti-homeschooling and are looking to take more control. 
They will use any excuse to get into the home and take away freedoms.
The kinds of people who homeschool are varied, but I believe the majority of homeschooled children do quite well.
It is not something to be afraid of. 
If you were homeschooled, don't be ashamed just because criminals exist.
Public schools have plenty of their share of criminals.
While we all want criminals caught, going into all homeschooling or other homes without probable cause is an abuse of authority just like the Turpin parents abused their God-given authority over their own kids.
It seems to me that there was some probable cause in the case of the Turpin family, but the warning signs seen by neighbors and relatives were not heeded and acted upon.

There was another family in another state that had their kids taken away (wrongfully I believe in their case) due to suspicious people, and they had a nightmare of an experience to get their kids back. 
Thankfully they did get their kids back eventually. 
When I do an online search, it seems this kind of thing has happened to others who are suspected just for not being cookie-cutter families. 
People seem to be suspicious of parents simply for homeschooling and not being what others think they should be like, and that's nonsense! 

People should learn to discern between true neglect and abuse by parents, and loving hands-on parenting.
Not wanting your kids to be taught false value systems that go against Scripture, phony theories as facts or the acceptance of immoral lifestyles is not something that should make parents be treated like criminals to have their kids stolen away. 
Wanting your kids to not be distracted from their education and to have a better learning experience can also be positive.

I was homeschooled in the days when it seemed very few kids my age were homeschooled. 
We usually stayed inside until the time when those who weren't homeschooled would be out due to fear that someone would wrongfully think we were truants or be suspicious of us.
We did our schoolwork inside, and we lived pretty normal lives.
Yes, we didn't have a TV for most of my growing up years, but we had the radio, books, music, and did other fun things.
I went to public school through the 3rd grade and did homeschooling and Christian schooling at various times in my life. 
My parents didn't starve me, abuse me, or keep me from having any friends in the neighborhood or at church. 
We moved around a lot, but that had nothing to do with homeschooling.
I had Lebanese friends in one place and Jewish in another. 
Yet some people fear what is different from what their own experience.

Criminals are in every walk of life because sinners are everywhere.  It isn't a homeschool issue.  Evil is a humankind issue.

Some children who legitimately need to be protected from true abuse (spanking that doesn't cause serious injury is NOT abusing) and those kids end up in the foster care system.
Foster care has it's share of problems as well.  Some foster homes are abusive, and some are truly loving homes.  Sometimes decisions are made that emotionally harm both the kids and the foster parents who genuinely love them.
I have never done foster parenting, but I hope to write a little from an outsider's perspective in a future post.

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