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Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Across The Sea

On December 26, 2016, a short video was released that was based on some children's books written by Andrew Peterson.
Andrew is also known for being a Christian singer.
I'm not giving a review of the film or the books (which I have not read), but that is the background of something interesting which I discovered recently.
I found a couple of versions of a song that seems to be connected with The Wingfeather Saga where Skye Peterson sings with her father.
Some of you may have already heard it in the past, but it was new to me.
I was impressed!

The best live version that I found with Skye playing the accordion I will share a link to HERE (as the person who posted it really doesn't want it embedded).
I will share this earlier rendition from 2014 for those who don't want to go to another link.

An Irish Hymn
Something about the song I shared above (especially the accordion rendition) reminds me of Ireland.
There is an old Irish hymn that still is sung today even in the U..S. which has prayerful lyrics, and churches that don't mix in some of the old hymns along with newer hymns and spiritual songs are really losing out. 
There are newer songs with excellent lyrics, although sadly a lot less than there should be.
Someone shared with me how the following hymn sounds when it is sung in the native tongue, and it is really pretty.
I don't know the singer, so I'm not making any endorsement on that.
You can also hear the English version of the song sung by men from The Master's Seminary HERE.

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